Discipline of Health Promotion

Dr. Lisa Pursell, Head of Discipline of Health Promotion

Our discipline delivers innovative teaching and research in Health Promotion. Established in 1990 with support from the Department of Health, this multidisciplinary academic centre is the only one of its kind in Ireland.  

Our dynamic research programme is carried out through the Health Promotion Research Centre (HPRC), which is designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research. 

The Centre produces high quality research that supports the development of best practice and policy in Health Promotion. Working in collaboration with national, European and international agencies, including the EU and WHO, the HPRC undertakes independent and commissioned research on the development and evaluation of Health Promotion interventions and initiatives. Click here for the range of HPRC research activities. Staff of the Centre also contribute to educational programmes in Health Promotion and the supervision of Doctoral and Master’s research dissertations.

Discipline of Health Promotion - Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the promotion of health and wellbeing through the development of Health Promotion research, education and training. 

 Objectives include:

  •  To provide multidisciplinary education and training that is flexible, accessible and relevant.
  •  To generate and disseminate Health Promotion research of national and international relevance.
  •  To translate research that will lead to the development of healthy public policy and evidence-informed practice.
  •  To provide international leadership in the development of the Health Promotion theory, research and methods.
  •  To work in the University and the wider community in ways that reflect the principles and values of Health Promotion.